Wisdom Teeth Removal

illustration of wisdom tooth in mouth

Some people may feel that having your Wisdom Teeth Removed is a natural – almost expected – procedure that we all face at some point. But does everyone have to have their Wisdom Teeth removed?

NW Calgary Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills explain that Extracting Wisdom Teeth isn’t something everyone gets to experience – due in part to the fact that not everyone has Wisdom Teeth and the acknowledgment that for some of us these large third molars have erupted without issue. But for those of you who are now thinking ‘why did I have to endure an appointment to remove these teeth’ you can be assured that if your dentist recommended the extraction of these teeth, it was probably for very good reason.

Wisdom Teeth Eruption

Problems can present themselves during the eruption phase of these molars. Located way at the back of the mouth and needing to push themselves through bone and gum tissue – it’s not uncommon for these teeth to either only partially erupt or to remain embedded below the gum line, often still covered by bone. This lack of eruption energy is not a rarity as frequently the message from the brain for these teeth to erupt becomes too faint – preventing these teeth from erupting completely. But the other hiccup that can occur during an eruption is a lack of space that hampers the natural eruption movement. Wisdom Teeth are, after all, large molars that require a fair amount of room to make their grand entrance – so when space is limited it results in teeth getting stuck and sometimes coming in sideways in an attempt to break through tissue.

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Crowding?

Dr. Verena Lam and Dr. Jeff Chen are General Dentists who routinely extract Wisdom Teeth. One of the reasons for removing these teeth is their tendency to cause crowding of other teeth. Without enough room to erupt into position Wisdom Teeth can lean on the teeth next to them. The force of leaning literally creates a domino effect – with crowding of front teeth being the result. And if crowding wasn’t enough to deal with – the pressing on other teeth can cause decay and resorption of roots – often leading to other molars having to be extracted or treated.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth is recommended when the health of these molars and other teeth are in question. Dealing with a partially erupted wisdom tooth is no fun as gum inflammation and risk of infection can mean an emergency visit to the dentist. For more information regarding Wisdom Teeth Extraction or to schedule an appointment at Metro Dental call today (587) 355-2524

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