Why Wearing Orthodontic Brackets and Wires Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Our last blog talked about Invisalign® with its clear retainers and advantage of being removable. But what happens if Invisalign isn’t the right option for you – are you left not straightening your teeth?

NW Calgary General Dentists – Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam – empathize with patients who have talked to friends and co-workers about wearing Invisalign® only to discover that to correct their bite issues a different approach is needed – and that usually means wearing orthodontic braces. Now before your decide that brackets and wires mean the end of the world – read on – as there are many advantages to trusting your orthodontist’s or dentist’s recommendations when it comes to what’s best for your teeth.

Many patients – teenagers all the way up to adults wear orthodontic brackets and wires – and manage really well both esthetically and functionally. Just like other areas of orthodontics has witnessed advancements – so has the design, size and material of brackets and wires. Metal mouth and train tracks are descriptions that once fitted the look of braces – but not today – as clear brac