White Fillings/Composites

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Over time, teeth become damaged. Sometimes, this happens all at once — a fall or accident inflicts enough trauma for the tooth to break or fall out. Usually, it’s more gradual. Years of wear-and-tear and slow decay as acidic foods and bacteria eat away at the enamel. Fortunately, we live in a day and age when a damaged tooth won’t necessarily need to be removed. Dentists have numerous tools such as crowning and bridges to fix badly damaged smiles, and for little problems, fillings and composites do a great job of helping Calgarians to smile again.

White Composite Fillings are mercury-free, durable, and look great. Unlike the silver amalgam fillings many older people have, composite cement can restore a tooth without leaving a silvery signature. Instead, the composite filling is tooth colored. It’s also flavorless, virtually unnoticeable to both the camera and the patient, and completely biocompatible, so you won’t need to worry about unstable chemicals causing you problems down the road.

Silver Amalgam Fillings have been a popular option for over 150 years with dental experts across Canada. They’re affordable, durable, and safe, but because of technology advances, they just aren’t the best filling anymore. This is because many Canadians worry about the mercury component of their silver amalgam fillings, and few enjoy having their smile marked by silver-grey. These reasons have lead us to recommend white composite fillings as the superior option in almost every situation.

Fillings of either variety are used to help save a damaged tooth. Often when a patient comes in with a tooth affected by decay, chips, or cracks, the tooth can be saved with just a small filling. More invasive procedures like crowns, bridges, or extractions are simply not necessary for many situations. Instead, the damaged part of the tooth is carefully removed, and your dentist applies a composite filling to restore the tooth. Once your dentist has finished, your tooth will look and feel good as new!

Whether you have a newly damaged tooth in need of a filling or an old silver amalgam filling that you’d like replaced, Metro Dental can provide you with the care you need.

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White Dental Fillings

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