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Teeth Whitening and Dental Veneers

Having a smile that reflects your inner vitality and youthfulness can be the icing for your self-image. Studies show that individuals who are unhappy with their smile can feel self-conscious in certain life arenas – especially career and relationships. Nobody wants to feel inadequate or judged, and having the confidence to pull off a big presentation or stride towards a new romance is enhanced by feeling good about your smile.

What’s The Big Deal About White Teeth?

NW Calgary General Dentists at Metro Dental in Harvest Hills explain that there are many unspoken qualities conveyed by a beautiful smile. Youthfulness seems to be the most noted – as white teeth tend to be associated with vitality and overall health, something we all aspire to attain and hold on to for as long as possible. But even if Mother Nature didn’t grant you the wish of straight white teeth this sought-after look can be easily gained with the application of certain dental treatments.

Teeth Whitening at Metro Dental

As we age our teeth naturally darken and can take on a more yellow or gray tone. Add the daily habits of coffee, wine, and smoking and it doesn’t take long for teeth to have an overall dull look. Certain medications can also cause teeth to darken (iron supplements) as can poor oral hygiene – but these non-permanent stains can be resolved with teeth whitening. Gaining back your once white teeth can be quickly achieved with the in-chair whitening system offered at Metro Dental. Sapphire Plus Light is a multi-purpose light that enables a dentist to cure composite, cement veneers and whiten teeth. This powerful light can whiten teeth up to seven shades in just thirty minutes – without tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Verena Lam also provide Home Whitening Kits for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home.

Whitening Teeth with Veneers

The effectiveness of teeth whitening might not be enough for patients who have permanent tooth staining as a result of antibiotic usage (tetracycline) or trauma. The intrinsic nature of these stains doesn’t always respond to whitening gel – but can be successfully hidden with dental veneers. Paper-thin veneers are placed over a natural tooth – improving shape, size and color and restoring a smile in just minutes. Because veneers are cemented in to place, the permanency of this tooth whitening option is more appealing to some patients.

If you’re not happy with the colour of your teeth – contact Metro Dental today and discover just how easy it is to improve your smile (587)355-2524.

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