Everything You Need to Know About Nitrous Or Laughing Gas

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Nitrous, better known as laughing gas, has long been a useful tool for dentists across Canada. Both colorless and odorless, laughing gas provides a safe and effective sedation option for patients who feel uncomfortable or anxious during dental procedures. Here at Metro Dental Care, we’re happy to say we can now offer laughing gas to any patients who need a little help relaxing in the dental chair.

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How It Works.

First used in 1844, laughing gas has a well-documented history of helping patients feel more comfortable. Once you’re sitting down, we’ll give you a mask to breathe from. You won’t be able to see or smell the gas (much like normal air), but you may taste it. Laughing gas can have a slightly metallic flavour to some people. You may also feel some heaviness or tingling in your limbs. The gas will enter your lungs and bloodstream and cause a sense of euphoria. It also acts as an anesthetic. This means you’ll feel more relaxed during your procedure, and you’ll experience less pain. One of the features of laughing gas that many patients like is that they feel less anxious but remain conscious and fully able to answer questions or express discomfort.

Who Can Benefit?

There are many Calgarians who can benefit from slight sedation at the dentist. Firstly, there are Calgarians who experience dental phobia. They know that seeing their dentist is important, but it makes them nervous. Laughing gas will help them feel calm and comfortable during their procedure. Secondly, children can develop cavities and need to see their dentist just as often as adults do. For young children, sitting still can be challenging. Depending on their age, weight, and other factors, sedation may be a good option. Finally, individuals with physical or mental handicaps that make it difficult for them to remain still may find that laughing gas helps them to relax.

At Metro Dental, we’re very proud to be able to offer our patients laughing gas. We know that many Calgarians ignore tooth pain or otherwise avoid their dentist because of their phobia or anxiety. We want to make sure all Calgarians feel welcome and comfortable in our clinic, and laughing gas is just another tool to help us achieve this goal. Contact our friendly dentists today to learn more about how laughing gas can help you to achieve excellent oral health with less stress.

Please note that you’ll need to book an appointment with one of our dentists to be evaluated for whether or not you’re a good candidate for laughing gas. Please be sure to schedule this appointment soon, so there’s no delay in receiving your necessary dental care.

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