Dental Emergencies

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Whether you have a sudden pain from infection or a serious accident, dental emergencies are terrible. These dental issues can arise at any time, and they require urgent dental attention from staff experienced with handling emergencies. We understand that tomorrow often isn’t fast enough, so you need to be seen now. That’s why at Metro Dental Care, we strive to provide NW Calgary with the same-day emergency care we know our patients need. So don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Call us now at (587) 355-2524, and we’ll schedule your appointment for today.

Not a Metro Dental Care Patient?

Not to worry! We know that our patients aren’t the only Calgarians with dental emergencies. Which is why you can call our clinic for emergency care even if you aren’t one of our current patients, and we’ll still work tirelessly to see you within 24 hours. Our office is committed to providing Calgary with the best emergency dental care, and that means opening our doors to anyone in need. If you’re not in the Calgary area, you can search for a Dentist near me to find your local one.

While our experienced team is equipped to handle any dental emergency, here are just some of the most common dental crises we deal with everyday:

  • Toothache
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Something stuck between teeth
  • Lost filling

We’ll See you Soon, but What Now?

Booking your emergency dental appointment with our clinic is all fine and dandy for future-you, but we want to keep the present-you comfortable as well. Fortunately, there are a few first aid tricks that will help you bare the hour or two wait.

A Knocked-Out Tooth is the type of emergency that will have most dentists bumping less serious patients. That’s because if a knocked-out tooth is treated within 10 minutes or so, it will often recover fully. But the longer you wait, the lower the chance. By two hours, the tooth is likely lost. Is the tooth clean? See if you can fit it back into place. If it’s too loose and you’re worried you’ll swallow it, put the tooth in a cup of cold milk. Call the dentist closest to your location, and have someone drive you to that clinic right away. Never operate a motor vehicle if you aren’t in a condition to do so safely.

A Chipped or Broken Tooth is a serious emergency, and the sooner you see a dentist the more likely that the tooth can be saved. A dentist will often shuffle their schedule to see you immediately, but in the meantime, control pain and maybe call a friend to drive you if you’re in shock from the trauma that broke your tooth. And it’s worth restating: never operate a motor vehicle if you aren’t in a condition to do so safely.

Lost Fillings are no fun, but you don’t have to panic. Once you’ve scheduled your appointment, just take a piece of sugar-free gum, chew it so that it’s soft and malleable, and place it over the damaged tooth to protect it. This gum trick won’t work all day, but it’ll help keep your tooth safe and comfortable for an hour or two.

Toothache is usually the result of an infection and the gases released as the root decays. We recommend taking your preferred pain relief medication and using an ice pack. Do not use any form of heat treatment. This will just increase the pressure and pain.

Something Stuck Between Teeth can be very uncomfortable, but before you call your dentist, you may want to try and fix the problem yourself. Using dental floss, carefully try to remove the problem. If this doesn’t worry, then it’s time to call the dentist. Don’t use a toothpick, pin, or any other sharp, pointy object. These tools can get lodged between teeth themselves and can also scratch your teeth and gums.

Bitten Tongue or Lips are actually emergencies for your local hospital, not your dentist. Use an ice pack to reduce swelling and a clean cloth to apply pressure to the bleeding area. If bleeding doesn’t stop within a reasonable amount of time, you’ll need to head to the emergency to get stitches.

When you choose Metro Dental Care Harvest Hills for your emergency dental needs, you can rest assured knowing that our trained emergency dentists will be available to assist you soon.

To serve you better, we have extended evening and weekend hours and affordable emergency dental treatment services for all situations.

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