Do Kids Really Need to Worry About Mouth Injuries During Summer?

Dental emergencies and oral injuries in kids and teens almost exclusively happen due to an accident that causes trauma to the mouth. Football, baseball, soccer, and even swimming can all lead to expensive and scary trips to the dentist, but how do these summer activities put your child’s mouth at risk? And what can you do to keep them safe?

When it comes to sports, tooth injuries are the most common type of facial injury. This can mean chips, cracks, or even a tooth or two falling out completely. The fact of the matter is that when you mix running and balls together, somebody usually gets hit in the mouth sooner or later. Fortunately, a professionally made mouth guard, made specifically for your kid and their unique mouth, can easily tip the balance of their oral health in your favour. And a mouth guard doesn’t just protect teeth. It also helps protect the jaws, which are not protected by a typical helmet.

While over-the-counter options exist, we generally don’t recommend them. They’re often bulky and uncomfortable, and while they help to protect your kid from some injuries, they aren’t as effective as a custom solution. The custom mouthguards created by your Calgary dentist are slick and comfortable. They are fitted to your kid’s unique mouth. They are the ideal solution for anyone who needs a mouth guard and especially for teens with braces. Unprotected braces can make any mouth injury significantly worse by causing lacerations to the gums, lips, and cheeks.

Swimmers (unless they’re playing water polo) shouldn’t need a mouth guard, but you’ll still want to keep an eye on their teeth. Kids and teens who spend 5-7 hours at the pool daily may develop brown spots on their teeth. These are caused by the pH of the pool. The best protection against these spots is avoiding getting pool water in their mouth and staying hydrated with good quality, tap water. A professional whitening from your Calgary dentist can help to remove any spots that do develop.

Thanks to summer sport camps, many young Albertans suffer from mouth injuries during the summer. Hot summers and not drinking enough fluids can even lead to your teen or child passing out. This summer, make sure your kid stays well hydrated and wears their customer mouthguard when necessary. If they still chip or crack a tooth, book an appointment with your favourite Calgary dentist. We suggest keeping our phone number, (587) 355‑2524, on the fridge or in your smartphone’s contact list, so you don’t need to search for us if your family has a dental emergency.

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