Dental Crowns & Bridges

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Many Canadians find that, as they age, their teeth become a little less dependable. Sometimes, trauma from years ago causes a weakness which leads to a sudden fracture or a bad cavity requires a root canal. Regardless of the cause, crowns and bridges are used to improve the bite and smile when natural teeth need a little extra help.

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Dental Crown

Dental Crowns

Crowns are made of special porcelain or composite that is placed over your natural tooth in order to strengthen it, improve its appearance, and develop a better shape and alignment. You can almost think of a crown as a hollow, artificial tooth that snuggly fits over your natural tooth keeping it safe from bacteria and trauma. Depending on the damage, your natural tooth will likely need to be filed down a little in order for the crown to fit over top. As long as you brush and floss normally, your new crown will help to prevent gum disease, correct your bite, and give you a confident smile!

Dental Bridges

Bridges are more complicated than crowns, and they’re used when one or more teeth are missing rather than just damaged. Instead of just apply a strong cap on top of a natural tooth, a full prosthetic tooth must be made. Usually, this prosthetic is then anchored into your mouth on either side by two crowned teeth. This creates a strong, beautiful smile that will serve you for decades to come. However, sometimes a patient comes to us with a more complicated situation. They may be missing two, three, or more teeth. In this case, we may anchor the prosthetic teeth directly to the jaw bone with an implant. As with crowned teeth, your artificial teeth will need to be brushed and flossed daily.

illustration of dental bridge
Dental Bridge

Regardless of whether you need a crown or two or even a bridge, try not to worry! Dentists have been using these techniques to improve the lives of patients for hundreds of years. A custom crown or bridge is carefully crafted to feel as natural as possible, and within a few days, you should be back to smiling, eating, and speaking as well as you were before your natural tooth was damaged or removed.

At Metro Dental Care Harvest Hills, we customize each bridge and crown to fit your unique mouth. This ensures you have a perfect smile and superb comfort. We pride ourselves on taking the necessary time to repair your smile. If you have any questions about crowns or bridges or how crowning may save a damaged tooth, we’d be happy to give you the information you need! Call us today at (587) 355-2524 and schedule a dental exam with us! Our friendly Calgary dentists enjoy educating Calgarians and would be pleased to help you learn more about dental crowns and bridges.

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