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Banish Bad Breath in 9 Simple Ways

Nobody wants to have bad breath. And nobody wants to be on the receiving end of it. But we all get caught with it sometimes, especially in the morning. However, a persistent unpleasant mouth odour is another story. One way to find out whether you have it is by asking a friend or family member.

What Causes Bad Breath

Bad Breath is also known as halitosis. There are several factors that may trigger it:

  • Food debris trapped in the mouth
  • Broken fillings
  • Dry mouth
  • Gum disease
  • Medical conditions
  • Munching on garlic and onion

Some cases of bad breath are temporary and can be addressed by brushing your teeth and tongue. Some cases, on the other hand, are chronic. You can have a clean mouth and still find that your breath smells bad. If this is the case, don’t be ashamed to schedule an appointment with your dentist. They can help you get rid of the nasty breath and reclaim your confidence.

Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

  1. Be thorough when brushing your teeth. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Be sure to reach all areas, especially the back molars. Brush gently to avoid eroding your tooth enamel. And once your toothbrush becomes frayed and worn, replace it right away.
  2. Floss daily. Brushing and flossing should always go hand-in-hand. What brushing can’t remove, flossing can. To help you remember your floss, make it a habit to store one in each area you frequent. Leave one on your work desk, in the bathroom, and on your bedside table.
  3. Clean your tongue. The grooves and creases on your tongue make it an ideal place for odour-causing bacteria to settle in. So when brushing, don’t forget to include your tongue.
  4. Avoid smoking. Smoking leaves bad breath behind even after you brush your teeth. This habit is also detrimental to your overall health. Quitting isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Do it for yourself and with the support of your loved ones.
  5. Snack on crispy, watery vegetables. Celery, apples, and carrots are great snacks for you and your teeth. They are high in water content, making them natural tooth cleaners. Our mouths produce less saliva during snack times than actual meal times so it helps to choose healthy, water-filled fruits and veggies.
  6. Skip the garlic and onion. The food you eat can make your breath offensive to others. Garlic and onion do a body good, but you may want to avoid them right before an important meeting or social engagement. They’re notorious for keeping people at a distance.
  7. Drink more water. Water is sugar- and calorie-free. Whenever possible, let water be your beverage of choice. Water helps wash away food debris in your mouth, which is a common cause of bad breath. Drinking water also helps promote saliva flow and prevent dry mouth.
  8. Reduce coffee intake. If your day will not be complete without coffee, try to at least reduce your number of cups per day. The smell of freshly brewing coffee is inviting, but coffee breath is unpleasant. Drinking water after finishing your java may help.
  9. Keep regular dentist appointments. Your dental team will help you maintain a healthy mouth which results in fresh breath. Halitosis isn’t uncommon so feel free to discuss it with them. When you keep up with your routine checkups and dental hygiene visits, your dentist will also be able to identify the actual cause of your bad breath.

Banish bad breath with the help of these tips. And if you need a dental cleaning appointment, please contact us at (587)355-2524. We’ll find a time that works for your schedule.

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